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"Correlated: Surprising Connections Between Seemingly Unrelated Things" (Perigee, July 2014) is a collection of mind-blowing statistics and crazy connections from the number-crunching genius behind

This surprising and very funny book presents bizarre-but-true correlations between seemingly unrelated things.

Based on daily polls and statistical analysis, the book reveals:

• People who prefer Miss Piggy to Kermit the Frog are more than twice as likely than average to have tattoos

• People with body piercings are twice as likely as the average person to have deployed a fire extinguisher

• People with bumper stickers on their car are more likely than average to have square danced

You'll never look at poll results or scientific sound bites the same way again!

What they're saying about the book

"The data used to draw these conclusions comes from more than 1 million responses of 36,305 people who answered questions on Gallagher's website, But he admits to flouting statistical rules like having a random sample (the people who answered his questions were self-selected) or addressing confounding variables (maybe pot-smokers fly first class because they're rich and have extra money to spend on both those things). In his introduction to the book, out July 1, Gallagher outright says that his work 'is not intended to stand up to professional scrutiny,' but rather is meant to be thought-provoking and plain old fun."

—, Very Entertaining Statistics You Absolutely Do Not Need to Know, June 20, 2014